The objective of the eVA-VOL project is to develop the first open and multilingual online platform of information, training, guidance and support for volunteers during the transition between the documentation and assessment phases of the process for the validation of the learning outcomes from volunteering.

According to the European Guidelines for Validating Non-formal and Informal Learning, the process of validating the outcomes from non-formal and informal learning is divided into four phases: identification, documentation, assessment and certification. In most cases, the work of voluntary organisations ends with the documentation and the work of educational institutions starts with the assessment. Volunteers often face alone the transition between the documentation and assessment phases. In other words, they receive no help between the moment they obtain documentary evidence of the learning outcomes acquired in voluntary activities, until they secure an assessment of such learning outcomes from an educational institution as part of an official qualification. This is currently one of the main obstacles for the validation of learning outcomes from volunteering.

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